Staff with extensive knowledge of Cardo brand products are on hand
to help you have a better motorcycle touring experience.

You'll be speaking with a professional advisor who has been through Cardo's (Okada Corporation) official courses. They will help you through picking out the model that's right for you, showing you how to use it, and how to connect parts with other builds. The advisor is also well-versed in knowledge about the Cardo helmet you have bought, offering support in the form of repairs and other services after your purchase.

We can only provide support and install goods you have bought at this store.

The staff may be absent, so please check with the store beforehand.


  • Descriptions for Items

    Descriptions for Items

    Our Cardo Pro Shop Advisor will explain our products for you. They'll also introduce you to the best product for whatever headset you want to connect to.

  • Helmet Installation

    Helmet Installation

    You'll need to adjust the helmet interior to install a headset to it. Our advisor is a helmet professional, so please allow them to install speakers and wire your device, as well.

  • Device Connection

    Device Connection

    We will also pair your Cardo product with one of your devices (smartphone, navigational device). Using the Cardo app makes controlling it easier, and we'll explain how to use the app, as well.

  • Experience the Product

    Experience the Product

    You can experience our Cardo products, as well. Try controlling them and listening to the audio quality, as well as models made in collaboration with the audio maker JBL. The high-level sound quality will be a feast for the ears.

  • Troubleshooting and Updates

    Troubleshooting and Updates

    We also conduct troubleshooting for malfunctions of Cardo products, as well as firmware updates. Like a smartphone or app, a headset needs regular updates.

We cannot take responsibility for issues when helmets are used outside of Japan.